About Us

Relta s.r.o. was founded in December 1999. It is an all-Czech machine and tool engineering company, the sole owner of which is Mr Jan Cajthaml. Since 2007 it has been based at its own premises at Chlumec close to ĂšstĂ­ nad Labem. The company has 15 regular employees. Due to increasing portfolio of customers and companys pro-active approach aimed at maximum meeting of their requirements the company management decided to build a new manufacturing hall on an own plot adjacent to the existing area. It is where solely CNC manufacture is to be situated.

Customer-tailored machine engineering operations include:
  • CNC turning,
  • CNC milling,
  • turning on conventional machines,
  • milling on conventional machines,
  • drilling,
  • flat-wise grinding,
  • round-wise grinding,
  • metal heat treatment,
  • surface finish (blackening, zinc coating and nickel coating),
  • fitting.
Tool engineering operations include:
  • job-order, small-lot and piece production of tools,
  • single- and multi-purpose fastening and joining technology,
  • wide range of components for various production facilities.
Relta s.r.o. has established a long-term cooperation with the Czech-German car-manufacturer Ĺ koda  Mladá Boleslav for whom it delivers various instruments and tools. Since 2007 it has also specialized in components for manufacture of elevators. Among its most significant customers we can find two of four leading global manufacturers of elevators and escalators. Relta s.r.o. has already won recognition of customers in Finland, France, Holland and Germany.
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