Owner and Contacts

Owner of Relta s.r.o.
Cell Phone: +420 724 165 959

Contact data:
Assistant to the Production Director
Phone: +420 774 774 706

E-mail: info@relta.cz
Internet: http://www.relta.cz
Address: Ústecká 130, 403 39 Chlumec

Further information:

Company identification number (IČ): 254 11 047
Company tax identification number (DIČ): CZ 254 11 047
Relta s.r.o. is registered in the Commercial Registry maintained by the Registration Court in Ústí nad Labem, file ref. number: C 16305.

The main objectives of the company
We produce for our customers the highest quality products using the latest technologies.

Focus on high quality piece, and specialized production.

To provide a complete service from design drawings to implementation as soon as ...
Relta s.r.o. has quality certificate ISO 9001: 2009
The English text will be here
We have the new wire cutting machine AGIE HSS 150!
We have bought the new wire cutting machine AGIE HSS 150 for our sophisticated fortfolio of customers.

The top management of the Relta s.r.o. Company took place the INTERMAT in Paris, France
Mr. Jan Cajthaml, the sole owner of the Relta s.r.o. Company took place the INTERMAT at the International Exhibition Fair in Paris 19th April 2012. The INTERMAT was completely focused on progressive construction machines and a wide range of ...

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